About Us

The USD Electronics Recycling Center

VISION STATEMENT: To create partnerships which transform the value of waste.

The Electronics Recycling Center (ERC) is a non-profit, state certified collection center in San Diego. We accept all electronics, working and broken, free of charge*. We also offer a safe and secure service, which adheres to all mandated state and federal laws and regulations regarding the collection of e-waste.

Our center is a one-stop location where people can drop off their old electronics six days a week. They can also shop for gently used electronic items in our re-sale store. Every donation made, whether the item is working or non-working, is TAX DEDUCTIBLE. Additionally, we can provide you with a receipt for your donation. Our motto is: “If it plugs in or takes a charge, we’ll take it!” To see a more detailed list of what we accept, click here.

Additional Services

We also offer residential and commercial pick-up service for a nominal fee. The ERC offers the San Diego community a safe, secure, and socially responsible way to dispose of e-waste through re-selling, refurbishing, and recycling. We also wipe hard drives according to Dept. of Defense standards, and we can provide you with a certificate of destruction for only $10. To schedule a pick-up, please email us at electronics@sandiego.edu or call our pick up hotline at 619.260.8461.

*click here for items that have a recycling fee