Electronics Re-Sale Store


Not all electronics are ready for end-of-life disposal. The USD Electronics Recycling Center takes great pride to extend the life of all electronics to minimize wasted energy and materials. We strive to find every means possible to divert environmentally harmful items from the landfill, including re-purposing items that have not reached their end-of-life.

All items brought into the collection center are tested and evaluated to either be recycled or resold. Those items eligible to be resold are marked with clear notes and marked with a fair price. We strive to resell as many items as possible to continue the life of the electronics.

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All items for sale are posted on Craigslist and available for viewing at the Electronics Recycling Center storefront. It is our mission to test these items as thoroughly as possible and research the items online to determine a fair price below what could be found elsewhere. There is no guarantee that the item purchased will stand the test of time. Please remember we are a non-profit and that these items are donated and sold as is with no refunds. Exchanges can be allowed under extenuating circumstances. Thank you for supporting our efforts to be sustainable and reusing items!